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Be, what you feel inside.

Lempo Clothing is a street fashion brand founded in North Karelia, Finland. Lempo dives into the darkest waters of Finnish mythology and our pagan history, the Kalevala and Karelianism. Lempo's burning passion is to unite two cultures and worlds as one. Lempo not only follows its roots, but brings them to this very day, because we live now.



Lempo Clothing is a brand that started its operations in January 2022, which was born from a passion for studying Finnish mythology and ancient customs, an interest in the history of the religious reformation in Finland, and a burning desire to interpret stories that have passed in the blood of our nation from generation to generation through the means of art. The desire to reawaken interest in our roots and what has already been forgotten.


The history of Finnishness has traveled in the form of poems since its beginnings only from one narrator to another. Old beliefs and religion itself only traveled with the poets, because the first literary publications of Finnish-language came in the 15th century, which were all translations of the Bible or other Christian texts. For example, Elias Lönnrot's poetry collection and Finland's national epic Kalevala, compiled from 1828, is the first recorded collection of Finnish-Karelian folk poems and stories written in Finnish from the time before Christianity,  and its original form appeared in 1835.

With the Reformation in the 16th century, Finnish folklores, old beliefs and gods were also made incorrect and evil. This is one of the biggest sources of inspiration in the interpretations of Lempo's illustrations, which emphasize ancient gods and figures as non-Christian and sinful, as they were wanted to be re-taught to Finns at that time.

Lempo brings his art to street fashion and street culture, respecting nature and the environment in the development of his products, choosing printing houses taking into account the environmental disadvantages of factory equipment and the pollution of colors. Working conditions and employees' compliance with the law have been taken into account in the fabric choices. The illustrations also show respect for gender equality. Lempo will not show gender-differentiating nudity in its products.


On these foundation stones, Lempo started to buld it's own story, which is just beginning. In its own way, Lempo Clothing brings crumbs from history and tells them in its own way that connects our roots to the present. 



Lempo Clothing in a nutshell.

Lempo Clothing Oy (FI32417249)  is a company operating in Finland. Our E-Commerce was opened in January 2022. Our store offers its products to all legal adults living in the EU and the United States.

We offer the possibility to order custom-made art for you as well, if you want to know more, contact us by email.



PetU, Founder

• Born in May 1989, Lappeenranta, Finland (South-Karelia).

• Grew up his childhood and youth in Joensuu (North-Karelia).

• Professional education: Bachelor's degree in Visual Expression, Image and Media Arts program.


AD (Art Director), graphic designer @Pähee and Lempo Clothing entrepreneur (2022).

•The most important artistic idols: Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant) and Rob Borbas (Grindesign)

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